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Mar 8

When people fight you to shut you up about a topic like race—and sexism, it means that you have stumbled upon the cultural silence that must be patrolled in order to maintain hegemony.

- Junot Díaz (via coraldagger)

(Source: ethiopienne)

Mar 3
Feb 9

I just got off skype with my brother and apparently he’s suddenly an athiest libertarian who loves reddit wtf

Feb 2

Well tomorrow im put on my fancy ass suit and drive to my fancy ass job im fuckin fancy

HR says my hair can’t be blue though so everyone say goodbye to my blue hair now. I like it a lot and it makes me feel more like myself but I’m willing to compromise

I got the job omfg

I should put on a bra and go to target, make something of my life

I don’t even know where that picture was it doesnt look familiar



have a fairy tale themed wedding. drop breadcrumbs instead of flower petals. have talking birds be the entertainment. everyone gets their own frog to kiss. everyone gets eaten by a wolf at the end

another good idea: bob for apples. some of them are poisoned. some aren’t. it’s impossible to tell which are and which aren’t. that’s part of the game


*has feelings*
*worships trash*